Lori A Hendricks

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Hi, I’m Lori
I Love Making Things Up

I’m an all around creative person and unabashed nerd! Ask anyone.  A technical project manager by trade, I hold both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration.  I am also a published author, having released science fiction/fantasy and romance novels in addition to a number of short stories and essays. My most recent venture is as chief story-maker-upper for ValidVictorian Productions.

A longtime lover of words, I voraciously reads science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance novels regularly (when there is time). In addition I claim to be a huge intelligent comedy and sitcom fan, naming Moonlighting, The Golden Girls, Doctor Who and The Cosby Show as my comedy writing influences and Blazing Saddles as her all-time favorite movie.  When not reading, writing or working, I can most often be found screaming unintelligibly at football or basketball games with her adorable cat, Mona.