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photo 1So New Year’s Eve 2013 went exactly as they’ve been going for me for a while… chilling at home (alone) with a drink and a list of B-movies to keep me company. And except for the idiots shooting and the subsequent police raid, the evening was really nice.

And like everyone else on earth (for the most part, I suppose), I have put together a list of resolutions. But unlike previous lists, I have tried to make goals that are actually achievable and fit well together to make myself a better person overall.

  1. Write 5 Days a Week: NaNoWriMo taught me that writing everyday is an achievable goal and is actually very relaxing to me (if I’m not pushing for word count, at least). So my objective with this goal isn’t to work on a novel or even a short story everyday. It’s to do any kind of writing… blog post, twitter tweet, something – anything to get the creative juices flowing and get my mind beyond the daily grind of life.
  2. Get Out of The House: 2013 was my year of the hermit. I started working from home and began writing in earnest – both very solitary ventures. In 2014, I want to look for ways to get out of the house and back being a part of the human race. Maybe. People can be so annoying at times… But someone asked my what I did for fun yesterday and I didn’t have an answer. So I plan to:
    • Find a hobby or activity that will force me to get out and meet people or at the very least be more physically active.
    • Find a place I can volunteer and be passionate about supporting. I have a friend who is a IT project manager, and mucks horse stalls during his downtime at an horse shelter. He loves it. I always give money to homeless shelters and homeless children, but there has to be more I can do. I plan to find that this year!
  3. Renew my career: I have completely fallen out of love with my career. It’s become such a drag on my psyche that I’m looking at going back to school for another master’s degree. Then during a chat with my uncle yesterday, he asked me what I had done to make things better at work… and I had to admit that I really hadn’t done much. So I am going to refocus energy on making thing work at work. Even if that mean switching career tracks or companies or something. I have to work, at least until my new career as a writer takes off. I need to find a way to make peace with that!

So my hope for 2014 is to find a way to make peace with where I am in life while trying to be a better and happier person overall. I think that if I can manage that, better health and a fitter body will come as well. Fingers Crossed!!


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