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2014 – Take Two

So, we are just about at the middle of the year. I saw a gif on Pinterest that got me to thinking… how am I doing this year? When this year began, I boldly declared this would be my year. I was going to start my own business, get my first novel published and get my second novel written. And where am I now… I got my business established, but it’s struggling to get on it’s feet. And I think that is okay (personal growth, anyone?)
I’m scheduled to attend my first writing conference in NYC this summer. I am beyond excited and more than a little frightened. I signed up for what that they call a PitchFest, where I can spend 3 minutes trying to sell myself to editors and agents from various agencies. Finally, all that focus on networking and perfecting the elevator pitch I’d suffered through at my job as a consultant would serve me some benefit. A natural introvert, I find anyplace with more than 5 people draining. It costs me physically and mentally every time I have to “turn on”. Academically I understand the requirement for this, but here it is June and I’m already pumping myself up to be dazzling and brilliant, show those publishing people how amazing my storytelling is.

I have done so little on my next novel it isn’t funny. I have maybe 1000 words down. The editing process is killing me. I’m almost being literal. I’ve read this book over and over and while I know the first 50 pages are okay, I can’t quite figure out how to make them awesome. Luckily social media has my back and I found some workshoppers that have agreed to help me fix the mess of my first act. Yippee! I have faith that I’ll have a serviceable manuscript by the time the conference rolls around. And if I’m a good girl, a really good girl, I’ll have plotted out my next novel so if anyone asks I can say it’s on it’s way.

So what else? My business ( needs promotion and I need to figure out what that means. Well I need to figure out what my strategy is going to be, cuz at the moment I’m everywhere and nowhere all at once (trust me, it really is possible). My focus for all my endeavors is to get out there and make shit happen. Easy peasy, right?

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