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Month: June 2014

A New Social Blogging Site

Hi all – Anyone looking for  a new place to publicize their writing should look at It’s pretty neat, very similar to other social media sites and provides an alternate place to show off your writing chops. Look me up and follow me.


It’s too damned hot. That was my first thought as I headed to the train station. It was not yet eight AM, but it was at least ninety degrees and muggy. The idea of going back to my apartment and drowning myself in a cold bathtub ran through my mind…

Give and Take

“Have you lost what little brain cells you haven’t drunk away? You can’t be serious.” He turned and flopped down on the sofa, and heaved a deep sigh. “Explain.” A single word signaled the start of the debate. She carefully sat down on the chair nearest the sofa. She stared…

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