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Month: August 2015

#BookReview – The Viking Wants Forever by Koko Brown (@AuthorKokoBrown)

Imagine my immense glee at opening one of the many emails I get from Amazon recommending books and discovering The Viking Wants Forever by Koko Brown. Like most romance readers, I’ve easily read 100’s of novels where the heroine gets fed up with her life and is magically transported to…

#CoverReveal – DUTCH by Madhuri Blaylock (@madhuriblaylock)

YYOOO! I totally stan for this book, so I’m especially excited to take part in the book cover reveal today. Don’t miss the cool giveaway either! Enjoy…   Synopsis: Arrogant, handsome, and detached, deadly assassin Dutch Mathew has an insatiable appetite for bourbon, cigarettes, and women. A Keeper for The…

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