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A Character Sketch of a Snake

After a long period of singlehood, I let a friend talk me into trying online dating (for the sake of not getting hate mail I’ll withhold the actual name of the site). After a number of strange men sent me emails with pictures of varying levels of nudity I actually met someone that wasn’t frighteningly weird. We met at a Barnes and Noble and talked about our mutual love for sci-fi for more than two hours. It was wonderful. I wasn’t afraid to be my usual nerdy self with this man and it was wonderful. As a black woman, I find I have to hide parts of myself to fit in with my ethnic peers. To find someone that didn’t seem to need that fakeness to be okay with me – very nice thing! He was tall and muscular, with closely cut salt and pepper hair due to early graying. He had a big smile that seemed to shine even on bad days and bad weather. His soft touch and careful view on life always made me feel protected – and I could lose myself in his eyes for days on end.

And our relationship grew slowly and happily. He was everything I wasn’t and we had all the right things in common making these … He’s frugal where I am a huge spendthrift, but he never made me feel silly or superficial. He’s quiet and unassuming where I tend to be loud and he could instantly calm me down when something set me off without making me feel belittled or crazy. We could talk about things for a hours and even have a happy disagreement.

Too bad he was actually a snake…

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