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A Room With A View

I’ve always wanted to get here. Even before I knew where here was, my soul longed for the sea. The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore was like angel’s song to my ears.

I wandered around the empty house taking in the smell of the sea that lingered in the air. This was my dream home, with views of the sea from every room. My footsteps echoed in the empty rooms and I pictured my future in this house.

I made my way to the kitchen and knew this was the heart of my new home. It was large and airy, with a huge picture window overlooking the garden and the water down below. I wasn’t much of a cook and didn’t think that would change. But the room held so much promise for love and family and happiness that I immediately felt at home.

I next headed for the room I decided would be mine. It was truly cavernous, the walls were a pristine white and the old wood floor shone bright in the sun. I opened all the windows and breathed deeply, feeling instantly connected to the water. I laid on the floor and closed my eyes, listening to the waves and the breeze, an overwhelming sense of calm and peace filling me from head to toe.

I don’t know how long I laid there, or even if I was awake the whole time, but when I opened my eyes, my new husband was standing over me, a soft smile on his face. He pulled me to my feet and into his arms and I truly understood I was home.

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