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Always waiting…



I’ve been waiting my whole life… waiting to find the special someone. Waiting to figure out what to do. Waiting for the perfect time. There is a verse in a Nicki Minaj song that goes “No, I’m not lucky. I’m blessed.” If you think of the difference between the two – Lucky people wait for good things to happen, Blessed people get what they’ve been working toward, we tend to lean one way or another. I’m lucky. Very lucky, if I’m honest with myself. I skated though college. I picked my career based on who offered me the most money. I floated along, going where the wind carried me – though careful not to float backwards. So yes, I accept that I’m lucky, constantly waiting for a sign that would tell me I was doing something wrong – or right. In specific, I’ve been waiting to follow my love for storytelling. The writing process is a bit of a bore sometimes, but I love to tell stories! I’ve been waiting for have the right experiences, the right situation, the right material… I’m done waiting. If the world isn’t ready to hear what I have to say then so what! I’m ready to say it and I hope to be blessed enough to get the words out.

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