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Blog Post: Week 2 Fitness Check-in

Well ya’ll, I made it through two weeks of CrossFit training, and my over-riding emotion is ouch. Like really OUCH! My arms, my legs, my knees… Just so much ouch.

But just beyond ouch is a slight sense of accomplishment. I haven’t worked out four consecutive days in a long time. I was good with twice a week or three times a week, but a Monday through Thursday – nah.

My normal modus operandi is to get to three weeks then quit. But I don’t want to quit, not really. It would be nice if I could sit on a toilet and not tear up from the pain in my thighs, but that’s a different post. The ladies at the gym are really nice and many of them are in the same shape I’m in — round. It makes it easier when I’m not the only big girl in viewing distance. So I’ll pray for the pain to fade, and for the ability to braid my own hair to return (lifting my arms that high is a dream at the moment) while I prep for next week’s glorious torture sessions.

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  1. good for you! I keep saying I’m going to get back into the gym and just always find an excuse not to go. I’m extra impressed you’re doing Crossfit – that looks straight up bananas. More power to you and I’m keeping my fingers crossed you make it well past week three. xx

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the support. And it is straight up bananas – but the group I joined is very supportive and the fact that I’m in a newbie class helps too. Whew!

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