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#BookReview – Harm by Kayti Nika Raet (@KNRWrites)

Yeah, so… I gobbled this book up in a single afternoon. Yup, it was like that.  The second novel in The Outsider Chronicles is a fast-paced, action-packed ride through the Outside – “where the rain burns like acid and flesh eating monsters roam.” The story picks up with Niko, Ben and Jared having escaped Amaryllis City. We are quickly  introduced to Songhay and Roosevelt, as well as the tall, barb-wired city of Cherai City.

We get more insight into the gritty, tired lives of the Grey-men – Outsider volunteer workers who are chosen to service those living freely in Cherai City. Throughout this story, Kayti takes us deeper into the daily trials and tribulations of the Outsiders – their fears, their hopes, the struggle to survive- without allowing the reader to pity them. It’s a well written and clearly well planned out journey.

Reader’s of the first book in the series, Niko, know that Kayti’s writing style is sharp and cuts quick. Not one to waste words, Harm starts of strong and continues its rapid clip until the end.  Lovers of science fiction and fantasy will enjoy the slithers (though they aren’t a major player in this book). And though this tome was light on romance, readers will enjoy the build-up of tension between Songhay, Niko and Ben – another escapee from Amaryllis City.

I give Harm 4 stars, for it’s fast paced storyline and sharp storytelling. I’ll be happily diving into Outsider (Book 3) and the recently released Monster (book 4).

Check Kayti out:

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      • that sound you hear coming from the corner…that’s me, vomiting everywhere. haha. #BenIsCreepy

  1. Book 3 and 4 really crank up the romance 😉

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