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Day Three: My Three Favorite Songs…

 Today’s blog prompt asks us to write about our three favorite songs. As much as I love music, I can really only identify two truly favorite songs, with several hundred in running for that third spot. I can’t tell if I’m a rule breaker or simply indecisive.

 I have to say, those two songs I love more than any other are probably two of the saddest songs recorded. The first – Just My Imagination by The Temptations is an amazing song about loving someone from afar. I love the music and the lyrics, but more than that, I love the emotion that is evoked by the song. We’ve all loved someone from afar – our teenage years are filled with crushes and puppy love. But this song touches me because the song seems reflects the pain of being too shy or insecure to approach someone you’d really like to know and develop a relationship with. Throughout my life, I’ve always questioned by anyone would like me or be attracted to me – similarly to why it has taken me so long to be comfortable with sharing my writing with others. It just never seemed likely that someone who isn’t related to me would care about me that way. All I can see when I look at myself – whether internally or externally – is a big, loud, argumentative person that has one true thing going for her – I am fairly bright. The song reminds me that there are others out there who suffer the same self-defeating mindset (why couldn’t the guy just go up and talk to the girl???) and  I’m not nearly as different as I seem to think.

 The second song I love beyond reason is I Cant’ Get Started, by Ella Fitzgerald. My first big love was a situation of right person, wrong time – at least in my mind. I listened to this song over and over again and convinced myself that if Ella Fitzgerald couldn’t figure out how to make things work, what chance would a mere mortal like myself have?? My first love and my first lover, incidentally, was everything I wanted, and sadly everything I still want. When he left town to pursue his dreams I was heartbroken. I was physically in pain from loss and longing. Ella sang to me specifically and I fell in love with the melody and lyrics. Crazy as it sounds, I honestly believe that song helped past the absolute worst breakup of my life – to this day no other loss has hurt me as badly. And even now, some seven years later, I tear up when I hear that song – even though that person doesn’t come to mind anymore.

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