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#Interview with Constance Burris (@constanceburris)


Constance Burris

bk_coalWho is your biggest literary influence

Since GL Thomas took Octavia Butler, I’m going to answer R. A. Salvatore. The Dark Elf Trilogy was a big influence on Coal: Book One of the Everleaf Series. Although the protag, Drizzt isn’t technically black, he was the first dark-skinned hero of a fantasy series that I ever read.

What is your writing process like? What inspires your writing?

My writing process only involves me sitting in front of the computer and type. Writing sprints are helpful. Life inspires my writing. Life is stranger than fiction.

Where did your creative spark begin? Can you trace the path/timeline that got you where you are today?

I remember clearly. I was probably in kindergarten or first grade. And the teacher read a book about people living on Venus. I asked my mom if we could go live on Venus, and shebk_blackbeauty told me it was just a story in a book. That blew my mind. Thus began my love of reading and science fiction.

When did you know writing was for you?

A few years ago, when I realized how boring normal was. The American dream of working in a cubicle from 9 to 5, gets somewhat depressing after ten years.

Why speculative fiction? What other genre(s) do you write?

I pretty much stick with spec fic: Fantasy, horror, and sci fi. That’s my love.

How can people connect with you?

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