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#Interview with Jessica Cage (@writa_jlodi)


Jessica Cage

11796254_861117993925179_2811675769697588079_nWho is your biggest literary influence?

I find myself inspired by authors who break the mold. Those who bring something new to the table no matter how widely accepted those storylines may be. I have a recent love for the work of L.A. Banks. Her books not only entertain, but inspire. I get lost in the pages and find it hard to come up for air. I want to write books like that. I want to captivate an audience. I love Stephenie Meyer though I often get shade for saying it. Twilight brought me back into reading when I had strayed from the book world. I got tired of reading the same thing over and over. Yeah, her vampires sparkled, but they were different and I enjoyed that. I like that readers come back to me after reading my work and say that they had never read anything like it. That they can’t wait for more. That is the best part of this.

What is your writing process like? What inspires your writing?

My process is pretty chaotic, or at least I think others would feel like it is. I usually write about half of the story and then go back to edit. This is also to remind myself of what I’ve written and inspire little ah ha moments for the second half. I feel like it really keeps me in tuned with my characters. My inspiration of writing is pretty random. I’m a creature of emotion so I am touched by things at different times whether it sparks happiness, frustration, anger or passion, if I feel it would lead to a great story I write it down. Some of those (most) never become more than a few words on a piece of paper, others blossom into so much more.

Where did your creative spark begin? Can you trace the path/timeline that got you where you are today?

It began when I was a very young girl. I used to read a lot, and one day I realized that I had all of these little stories in my head and just decided to start putting them on paper. It was a true epiphany for me. That is what the authors of those books were doing. They took those creative imaginings from their mind and shared it with the world. Now, it took me a long time before I was comfortable with the idea of letting others read my work. It wasn’t until after I had my son that I decided to publish. I wanted to be something of an inspiration for him. I wanted to show him an example of someone following their dreams. Lately I’ve come to realize that I did it more for myself as well. Taking that leap of faith and trying to build something, it kept me motivated and busy. It gave me my escape from the world again. From there I have been lucky enough to have worked with some awesome people and I’m just so thrilled to see what else is in store.

When did you know writing was for you?12239470_905504522819859_1252625023935665089_n

These first time I wrote a story. All 100 words of it. I gave it to my grandmother who is an old school book junky. Thinking back, she may have been blowing a bit of smoke but she gave me the biggest smile and told me how much she loved it. I just remember that feeling. Even as a young person to be able to make someone happy with what I did. My grandmother was the only person allowed to read my stories for years.

Why speculative fiction? What other genre(s) do you write?

It’s what I love. Is there any other reason? I grew up watching vampire movies and aliens (which I twist into some of my work). Every time I attempt to write a book that doesn’t involve some supernatural / paranormal element…well, it never quite pans out. Currently, I don’t have much published that steps outside of the lines of speculative fiction, though there is one that is a Thriller/Suspense read. I plan to put out some work in the coming year that will be Romantic Comedy. It’s my other love and I am excited for the challenge.

How can people connect with you?

Fantasy lovers can feel free to connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, or by following my blog. I am also on Instagram @jcage_author!

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