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#Interview with Thelonious Legend (@TheLegendBooks)


Thelonious Legend

sins-karatepunchWho is your biggest literary influence

Toni Morrison. Just absolutely love her work, the content, the protagonist, the syntax. She is just an amazing writer and my biggest influence

What is your writing process like? What inspires your writing?

I do outlines for all my books. That includes having a topic and or theme for every chapter. I also do psychological profiles on all my primary protagonist. This helps me with knowing how and why they would handle different stimuli. My inspiration? Can’t say one thing, but it’s important that my daughters are proud of me.

Where did your creative spark begin? Can you trace the path/timeline that got you where you are today?

There was no one thing or no spark but a culmination of events that lead me done this path. But as of right now my primary motivation is to write books where the heroes look like my daughters, afros and all.

When did you know writing was for you?

Still don’t know if writing if for me. I know I like to do it. I know I like creating characters. I know I like challenging the status quo but I need to be writing for years with multiple books published in multiple genres before I can honestly say its for me.

Why speculative fiction? What other genre(s) do you write?

Because I think the genre for deconstructing characters and discovering what makes them tick is speculative fiction. Be that Ripley in Aliens, or Sara Connor in Terminator. And my next genre will be a Detective Noir series. Really looking forward to that.

How can people connect with you?

I’m all over the interwebs! My links are below

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