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Mother’s Day Thoughts…

26656a5c339f954db3b4c3cbdd983562It’s mother’s day and while making brunch with my mom, I got to thinking about how much I’ve grown to be like her. When I was younger, my mother and I had nothing in common. As a teen and young adult  I was into sports and books, while my mom, as a home ec teacher, loved to cook and create. We simply couldn’t relate to each other and it strained our relationship. It always  seemed that she and my brother were closer than she and I were.  But somewhere in my mid-twenties that changed and our dynamic shifted. She and my brother are still of the same mind on many things and I do still feel like the outsider… But there is something to said for the deep conversations you can have with someone that really knows you and who can challenge you in ways your contemporaries can’t. In the interest of full disclosure, my mom and I still drive each other insane and know exactly what buttons to push to get the desired reaction. But there is something utterly relaxing and completely comforting about being able to be with my mom and know that eventually it will all be okay.

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