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New #DiverseSFF Artwork for Amethyst Rising (Book 2 of The Skatia Narratives)

Amethyst Rising

I wanted to share with you Artist Stanley Weaver Jr’s rendering of Marla Owens and her Amethyst Skatian body. All the Skatians have a humanoid and an alien form that the shift between. Tall and strong, a Skatian’s abilities are fed by the power they store in their bodies.

The second installment in The Skatia Narratives, Amethyst Rising tells the story of  a young queen battling treason and sabotage while settling into her role as monarch and adult.

Queen Marlaveenia has been on the throne for two years and has finally gotten the hand of ruling — sort of. In need of a break, she and her friends travel to Haster, Texas on Earth for some R&R and find nothing but trouble.

Caught in the middle of a plot to minimize her ability to save her people from assimilation by the treacherous Verishe, Marla, along with Madoc, Rhisiart and her mother, Andi,  will use every trick up their sleeves and make a few up along the way. And in the process, Marla will discover that she can have everything she wants if she’s willing to fight for it.

Coming December 2015

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