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NEW Urban Fantasy Short

Here’s a quick scene I wrote for my worldbuilding class (@writersdigest) – Untitled. I got the idea while under anesthesia at the dentist’s office… Fun fun fun! Feeback welcome 🙂


Karl held his hand up in front of his face, eyes wide. The yellow sparks flew with each movement of his fingertips. His eyes moved to his sister and then to his grandmother.

“How is this possible?” Kim’s face was pure anger and hatred.

“The Mother has deemed your brother as my successor.” His grandmother fought back a smile, not wishing to push Kim too much further.

“But that isn’t possible,” Karl whispered. Despite having the singed and still smoking pants pockets as proof, he could not grasp that this was really happening.

Kim lunged for her brother, fangs bared for the attack. Karl, aware enough to realize that any defensive action could kill his once beloved sister, side-stepped her – and ended up in his bedroom. He stood in awe of what he’d done, truly transfixed. He stood rooted in that one spot trying to convince his feet to move until the sound of Kim’s shrill scream and furious steps heading his way reached his ears. He tried to focus his mind on getting from her, but fear mingled with a healthy dose of self-preservation and he instead made himself invisible. He wasn’t sure he’d done anything until Kim, at full furious speed, slammed into him, knocking them both into Karl’s dresser. The impact broke Karl’s focus and he became visible again. He was too disoriented to defend himself and Kim began pummeling him. He tried to cover his face with his hands, still not wanting to hurt his sister.

He was about ready to lash back at her when her hits stopped suddenly. She froze, her arm pulled back ready to slap him once more. Karl felt her weight being lifted from his chest, though she hadn’t moved from that position. Karl shifted his head slighted and saw his grandmother in the doorway. Her caramel brown face was as serious as he’d ever seen it. Her hands were held about waist high with her elbows bent as she lifted her granddaughter’s angry form off her grandson. Karl pulled himself up slowly into a sitting position as he grandmother slowly placed Kim’s frozen form on the bed.

“Kimberla Reese I will release you, but if you attack your brother again, there will be hell to pay.” Kim collapsed on the bed and began to cry. “Do you understand me young lady?”

Their grandmother stood ready to act if Kim didn’t answer properly.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kim ground out from between her teeth.

Karl could count on one hand the number of times he’d seen his twin sister cry. He completely understood her pain. It has always been understood that Kim had been the one born with the gift and would carry on the family tradition as their grandmother’s successor as the head of their tribe. Karl, who has some power, but nothing like what his sister had, would be there to support his sister. Now, on their 16th birthday, Karl had come into the full spectrum of power while Kim remained with her strong, yet limited powers.

Generations of matriarchal tradition disappeared in an instant. The chieftain powers were handed down, grandmother to granddaughter, always skipping a generation. No male had inherited chieftain powers until now, and Karl had no idea what to do next. Kim was the one that had been trained to lead. And Kim was the one who wanted the responsibilities that came along with power and leadership. Karl merely wanted to be left alone with his comic books and video games. Everything was a mess.

“Karl, are you all right?” His grandmother’s voice had lost that hard edge it’d had and she was back to being his Grams.

“I’ll be okay.” Bright red welts were forming on his pale brown face. The distinct blue-green of a bruise was forming around his eye. He’d have a serious shiner tomorrow. The carpet began to smoke under his hands. He pulled them up quickly, praying for strength. The yellow sparks were back and ready to be released.

“You’re lying, kiddo. The magic knows it.” His grandmother motioned for him to sit in the chair near where he was sitting on the floor. His grandmother manifested some frozen peas in her hand and handed them to Karl. He placed them gingerly on his eye. “If you are going to last as chieftain, you’ll have to learn to protect yourself.”

“He can’t be chieftain,” Kim shouted between sobs. Karl had almost forgotten his sister was in the room. His grandmother must be doing something to him to keep him calm. He would have to think more on that subject later. Right now he needed to try to make things right with Kim.

“Kim, we both know I can’t be chieftain. That job is still yours.”

“Not now that you’ve stolen my birthright, I can’t.” Kim’s voice was pure venom. She stood from the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Two shakes of her head and any proof that there had been an altercation or that she’d been crying were gone. She turned back to her brother and sneered. “You’ll never make it to 18 to take this tribe from me, brother. Enjoy your last days.” Before Karl or their grandmother could inhale to respond, Kim was gone.

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