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Onto March…

This year, like several others before, I set out into the new year with a list of things I wanted to do – important life decisions I make and implement to feel worthy of having taken up space for another year. As we slowly make our way to March, I find myself taking an unprecedented step toward one of those goals. I left this morning on a solo trip to a spa in Arizona. All by myself. Just me and my laptop (because of course I left my good [read: expensive] camera at home].

I’ve had to travel alone before but always for work where there would be colleagues around to show me around and point out the decent Chinese food places. This would be the first time I’m heading off to a new place with no kind of support and the feeling is marvelous! I’d pretty much stopped traveling. My friends are now married with children, and bills, and work/life balance issues. It never occurred to me to travel someplace by myself. I was hoping at some point I’d find a significant other to travel with… but that seems rather unlikely (not bitter. not bitter. not bitter…)

This year i have decided this will be my year. I’m going to get my novel published. I’m going to get my book blog off the ground. I already quit my job and got a newer, less paying but less taxing one. I’ve started dating again, but he isn’t the traveling type (boo!) And I’m going to fall back in love with traveling. Lucky for me I can now love it from first class 🙂

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