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#ReadersFavorite Review of Half Breed Queen!

Completed on: 04/11/2015
Review Rating: 5 stars!
Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Half Breed Queen (The Skatia Narratives Book 1) by LA Hendricks is a compelling read that takes readers on a trip with Marla Owens, who finds out during her stay with her mom in North Dakota that she is actually the heir to the powerful Skatian throne. All of 14 years old and recovering from a tragedy, Marla finds herself suddenly becoming the queen of a place she has never visited or heard of. As she is coming to terms with her new life and trying to adjust to the transition from a fourteen-year-old to a young woman, Marla wonders if she can trust anyone. On top of that, Marla also has a bad temper which makes her behave differently. Will she be able to protect and save her people from those who want to harm them?

The story is interesting and has many dimensions to the plot. The characters are strong and well portrayed, and they complement the plot effectively as the story progresses. Marla Owens’ portrayal is also unique and different and the author masterfully weaves many shades into the character. There are many twists and turns in the plot that make it an exciting story. The narration is detailed and descriptive with some wonderful imagery that makes the story aesthetically visual. I liked the book because the story is unpredictable. It keeps readers guessing with its many layers to both plot and characters. I am definitely looking forward to reading Book 2.

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  1. Bravo, girlfriend. Excellent review. Relish it – much deserved.

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