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Thoughts on a rewrite…

de0d45555f89628aa17454282a50b059 This weekend, working on my novel I realized my book  was wandering. The story I was writing wasn’t going  where I thought I would and I was lost. I pulled out my  original notes and spent two days re-writing them to  better serve the story and characters I was developing.

It dawns on me that my life is going through one of  those rewrites. The characters and setting are not at all  what I thought they would be at this point in my story.  And I’m not the great lead character I thought I’d be. I  thought I knew what I wanted in life and who I wanted to  be to get there. But the closer I get to that, the less it  feels right.

I don’t know if there is ever a wrong age or wrong time to rewrite a story. Stories and plots are easy to fix if somewhat annoying (all my work undone by the delete key!!!) Re-routing a life is much harder, but the perfect story can be worth the struggle.

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  1. I feel your pain. I’m just starting on my 1st book. A move away from short stories and I can’t believe how many times I’ve gone back and re-hashed what I’ve written, changed the pace, changed where I thought the story was going. I suppose its all part of the process and you get there eventually. Good luck with it 🙂

    • I had this story in my mind for months. I outlined the novel, did the character sketches and was happy with it, but as I started writing I found all these holes and gaps or just things that the character wouldn’t do as I got to know them better. Driving me crazy! But better to catch it now…

      Good luck to you as well!

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