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#TeaserTuesday – June 16, 2015

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this teaser for AMETHYST RISING, Book 2 in The Skatia Narratives.

Marla’s grown up quite a bit after two years on the Skatian throne, but her temper is just as unpredictable – and deadly – as ever. Her world is still in danger, and now there are those threatening the Earth as well. Marla and her allies are in a race against time to find out the truth before Skatia and Earth are destroyed!


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  1. “He bent to kiss her hand and it was all Marla could do not to pull her hand away from his cold lips. She was going to have to kill him.” – LOVE this. These two sentences hint at so many possibilities and leave you wanting more. Why did she pull away? because his cold lips creeped her out or because his cold lips turned her on? And why is she going to have to kill him? The suspense is quite delicious and delivered in such a neat, tidy and simple package.

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