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The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men and Me…

Or: How I Know I am Being Both Blessed and Cursed By God…

Or: Why Do I Bother Getting Out of Bed When I Know My Day Will Be Shit…


No matter the title, I love how life is able to give you a good pail of milk then knock it over (my mother’s phraseology, not mine). This past weekend has been a prime example of how small issues build up and make you want to start drinking before the socially acceptable time of day. I always find that things are sorta bad, like bad enough to ruin your morning but not quite enough to justify the mass homicide I seem to be contemplating. It seems like I was born with a requirement to plan, but not give then luck to have said plans work out. It’s enough to convince me that I’m supposed to be crazy, it’s not just some quirk of nature. Lucky me.

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