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The Eye of the Beholder…


I hate taking pictures. With a burning passion. I sense a camera and I immediately duck for cover. I’m not shy, I’m not overly possessive of my image or anything like that. I’m not pretty, and I am most assuredly not photogenic. I state that as a fact. I state that as someone who looks at herself in the mirror every morning. Who has seen herself every damned day since at least four years of age (my guess… i would have been able to see over the vanity by then. I was a tall kid…) I don’t say or write this to hear false reassurances that I’m pretty. I write this because I want people to understand that my not wanting to be photographed isn’t some attention ploy. It hurts me every time I’m forced to take a picture. Every fake smile. Every stupid pose. I wish people would accept the fact that not everyone wants a billion pics of them floating the earth.

So instead of laughing it off or treating me like I’m killing your fun, respect the fact that I don’t like to be photographed and maybe just pay attention while we are together.

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