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The Saga of the Lost Keys: Part III

Lost and found is a curious phrase. What’s lost to one could me sadness or anger, yet that same item may be a treasure to another. Even though many of the items I was selling were things I could no longer fit or simply had not worn in some time, I was attached to all of them – I could remember buying them or remember the event I bought the item for with fondness. But just I was in the midst of transition, there were a number of women at the church going through their own transition.

During the sale, a van from a shelter pulled up full of women of varying ages. I met a couple women who had been brought to the yard sale specifically to look for clothing to wear to job interviews. There were a couple there who’d lost everything when they left their homes and were living in the homeless shelter. I recently left the corporate/consulting world and had two racks full of business formal clothing that I sold for $3 and $5 dollars. A few teenaged girls were there as well. It made me sad that they could even fit my clothes (I am not a small woman by any stretch of the imagination.) but I was happy to give them purses and shirts that they couldn’t afford but clearly wanted desperately. I would have passed on some pants as well, butl literally two women could wear my 35″ inseam pants.

I’m so lucky and blessed, despite the valleys in my life. All these things that I considered crap was a treasure for these women who were facing odds I couldn’t dream of. My frustrating job and willful decision to make changes are just that – mine to own and push. Poverty, abuse, loss… I have no frame of reference for that and I thank God I was in a position to help them. The money wasn’t so important to me and I could afford it because of my frustrating job. Letting go of these things did more than clean out my storage unit or help me feel more prepared for parenthood. My lost crap really turned out to be someone else’s found treasures. And I couldn’t have been happier.

But now I don’t know what to do with these damned keys!


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