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Today’s tasking…

I saw an ad for a short story competition with a 1500 word limit. I thought to myself, that should be easy…I decided to take an idea I’d had for some time and use part of it for this short story. Quick and easy, right… Wrong!! How in can you tell a story, even a part of one in so few words!! Anyone who as ever talked to me or heard me tell a story knows I am wordy in the extreme.

This is going to be a great exercise in telling a concise story with all the meat necessary to grab and hold a readers attention. But I’m going crazy trying to get this story told, have it make some semblance of sense and remain under the word count. I’ve had such a time flexing my vocabulary to get the most out of my words. I’m going to let my “word nerd” flag fly on this, because this is really fun! LOL

I also got the first draft of the character sketches I commissioned for a different project I’m working on. They were amazing, so close to what I had imagined in my head. My trials with map-building using Adobe Photoshop isn’t going quite so well. If anyone knows of any good tutorials, please shoot me the link. 

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  1. Short stories are always a dangerous task for me, because I tend to fall in love with the story then decide to make it much bigger and for a greater contest.

    • This story was originally planned to be a full novel, but I’m busy with other stories and didn’t have time to tackle it. I hope to come back to the full story at some point, but I can see how the interest in the characters you create would lead to addition storylines!

  2. Good luck with writing the story – are you going to post it on here? Would be good to have a read if you do.

    I used to worry about saving my “good” story ideas for a major project rather than condensing them into short stories. I also used to worry about running out of these “good” ideas. As I’ve been writing more, I’ve found I’ve thought of loads of new story ideas and that sitting on ideas just means they never get written! You can always come back and extend a short story you’ve written in the future – be your own fan fiction!!

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