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Update: Goals…

Back on July 28, I posted some goals for myself to get me motivated to work on my writing ( Here’s where I am, a little over a month later:

1. Finish the first draft of my current novel. It has been dragging on forever since I came up for the idea for my next novel (well, novels). Any editors out there that done charge $7/page please say hello.
Due date: 1 September

So I set this aside and worked on a short story instead. I sorta lost interest in this story and became obsessed with a different story. I worked on this story as an entry for a short story competition and I love it.

2. Find artist to do concept art for next novels (sci-fi trilogy). This may be harder then I’d originally thought.
Due date: 1 September

I not only found an artist, but the commission is complete. Big shout out to the artist Mei-Li Nieuwland ( for doing an amazing job making my vision come to light.


I’m still not producing at a rate I would like, but I’m making progress and that makes me happy 🙂

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