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#WD2014 Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, Day 2

Whew. Am I the only person who is constantly amazed by how much I don’t know? Day 2 of this conference was both discouraging (What? I didn’t know that! was a constant refrain through my mind) and heartening (you liked it? YES!) I attended so many session with people like me who were just find out footing in this crazy publishing business (and make NO mistake, it is a business) and I realized that I hadn’t been this happy to be sitting around on a Saturday getting lectured to in my LIFE. I know where I want to be, and telling my stories and making people feel something through my words is it! The Pitch Fest (giving a 90 sec pitch to Lit Agents a la speed dating) just confirmed what I knew after the first session I attended. Out of 6 pitches (damned lines) I got 5 agents that asked to see more of my work. Now worries, I am not so delusional that I believe this will mean instant success. But to have 5 professional literary agents validate that my story idea was a good one had me about to dance in public. Almost.

And don’t get me started on the number of street vendor pretzels I’ve had since Friday. I’m going to need a support group or something when I go back to VA.

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